Master Mind Manual starts the business in 2001 headed by Fina Regent as financial audit firms. The company brand has blossomed into a tax and financial services company with an experienced staff. Because of this the company reach the wide range of business. That has expanded over 18 years to accommodate the client ranging from start-up companies. As well as,  to over 45 million dollars in gross revenues per year. The company able to assists the client in all their accounting needs from common to serious work. We speak for our client in the United States and around the globe.

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Bookkeeping Services

Tax Preparation

IRS Representation

Personal Finance Management

Finance Controller Services

Virtual Offices

Business Consulting

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The company able to serve almost all kinds of business firm in the State of Florida. To serve clients with honesty and integrity. Their clients able to recommend the company to their friends. The company treats the client first understand their needs.

Furthermore, that is the reason why the company receives the 3rd place in 2015 CPA firm rankings. Our edge to other company is that we have one to one business relationship. That begin on the very first day a client meets our firm. The company takes pride in its dedicated and supportive employee who gave their time and effort. We modify our service offering to our customer to meet their individual business needs. From helping common payroll and other small accounting work to taking care of the full CFO services. Also, we believe in the paperless office, that helps save you space and protects your privacy.

Fina Regent leads an example to the face of the company. Since the door opened she stay working up to the closing time. Definitely, with the hard work of the founder of the company.  As of this time the Master Mind Manual is one of the largest accounting firms in South Florida.